Jay Mohr Sports

Jay Mohr Sports

2014 Jay Mohr Sports Award Winners

Jay Mohr Sports held the 2nd annual "Jay Mohr Sports Awards" on Wednesday....We named winners for everything from "Best Guest" to "Best Performance by a Reporter / Announcer to "Best Show Moment".... The full list of categories and nominations are below....... 



Best Show Sound Drop – “Skatting”


Best In-Studio Listener Guest –  "No ID Justin" (Justin Orr)


Best Guest -  Keith Morrison (Dateline NBC)


Best Accent – “Cajun Man” by Dan Beyer


Best Intern – Hannah Olsen (Nickname: Boeheim)


Best Jay Mohr Impression – “Cleveland James Brown”


Best Performance by a Reporter/Announcer – Tim Warwood BBC Winter Olympics “Calling Olympic snowboarding”


Best “Person” Top 3 @ 5 Story – “Bill Flowers, who’s dog found a human leg”


Best “Animal” Top 3 @ 5 Story – “Bear who scat in the car” 


Best Jay Mohr Sports Moment (Voted by Listeners) – Dan Beyer’s Rap


Photo: Getty Images


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